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Welcome to ZanderWatch!

And welcome to a new way of keeping your business, site, campus or facility under the ever-watching, vigilant protection of a technology that doesn't sleep and misses nothing. 

ZanderWatch came to life to protect and provide real-time assessment to our most valued asset - our customers. A gap in security that we've seen and are bringing a strong solution for. By utilizing the most current analytics, monitoring platform and infrastructure, and state-of-the-art equipment,  ZanderWatch is a remote video guard service that not only can replace your physical guards on duty, but moves your pro-active and reactive security agility to the next generation. 

With highly technical video analytics, provided by our platinum partners at Avigilon, ZanderWatch operates through a central monitoring center, staffed by highly skilled security professionals. We ensure the highest level of safety and security in high risk situations. We provide experienced responses, to direct and inform First Responders, fueled by technology driven data. ZanderWatch eliminates the distraction of false alarms while protecting your investments in a new way. Our highly innovative analytics software, constantly teaching itself how to decipher motion and objects as we build out the customer perimeters and requirements....with those specifics being limitless.

ZanderWatch is the "vigilant protection" that you've not seen before, and will give you a new power over how your most important locations and assets are secured. Whether it's a constant, silent protector, or the one that takes over when you close your business down at night, ZanderWatch will change the way that you've thought of site security, response and protection. Let us show you what it's all about!

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