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History of ZanderWatch

ZanderWatch is proud to be a fully owned subsidiary of Absco Solutions, and part of an already existing rich legacy of excellence. ZanderWatch has the stability of solid history and the agility of fresh innovation.

Absco Solutions has been known as a best of breed Fire and Life Safety security company, with a reputation for being a subject matter expert at what they do, for over 35 years. It was in the same spirit, as Absco Solutions identified an emerging technology need in their own industry, that ZanderWatch arose.

Absco Solutions prides itself, and its employees, on constantly looking for ways to utilize technology and process improvement that benefits our end-users and customers. Or, that just makes us better at what we do! And in a few strategic conversations in 2014, Absco Solutions set its sights on grabbing hold of some amazing new technology advances being released by Avigilon, and open up a new lane for remote video guard service. The rest of the story is being told every day, as ZanderWatch builds its own reputations of strength, innovation and future-building.

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