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Video Alarm Verification
  • Real-Time Visual Response
  • Managed Escalation
  • Police Dispatch Initiation
  • Visual Monitoring of Intruder
  • Fulfills State Requirement for Alarm Verification


Intrusion Alarm Verification
  • Rapid Response
  • Detection of Individuals or Vehicles
  • Experienced Situation Management
  • No More False Alarm Issues
  • Eyes On Situation For First Responders


Guard Patrol
  • Analytics Manage Constant Video Feeds
  • Video Verification Anywhere/Anytime
  • Police Dispatch w/Eyes On Situation
  • Virtual Guard Tour of Premises Hourly


Voice Over IP (Talk Down)
  • Real-Time One or Two-Way Audio
  • Live Warning/Instruction to Intruder
  • Option For Recorded Audio
  • Virtual Escort Gives Employee Safety/Assurance
  • Police Verification/Support
One of the challenges of Security Reporting is how to produce meaningful metrics that result in an organizations ability to either fund, report cost savings or bottom-line results to management. The Avigilon analytics used in the ZanderWatch solution provide you with all of those and so more. Incident and site data like you’ve not seen before!



This is what we do

ZanderWatch is a remote video guard service created to replace the typical fixed guard service offerings.

ZanderWatch was created to provide our customers with a more efficient way to protect their investments while saving money and providing a clear R.O.I. We operate from a main central station with deployment of electronic surveillance and video analytics to act as a physical guard. With the new innovations in technology, we are now able to strategically install video surveillance throughout any structure and constantly monitor your investments.

Using the Avigilon Access Control we can build the ideal security perimeter to best suit our customers. Technology now allows us to patrol 24 hours a day 7 days a week, with our number one concern being your investment.

Once an alarm has been triggered, one of our highly trained guards will access the site to identify there is an actual event taking place. Once it has been determined that an event is taking place, ZanderWatch will activate an audio feature installed in the surveillance system called “talk down” that will let the trespasser know they are being recorded and identified. After the proper steps have been taken to clear the designated perimeter we will then alert the authorities and confirm the dispatch. This will lead to a faster dispatch as a licensed third party is identifying the event.  In the more common event that a false alarm has been triggered we will remotely tour the premises and insure that unnecessary personnel are not dispatched, saving time and money.

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